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Redboy Pictures NFT

About C144

2 amateur campers, Jason & Kamal stumbled across what looked like remains of a C-47B aircraft employed by the American militaries to deliver food to their comrades which had crashed in Malaysia in 1945 during WW2. The dual looked at each other, their sunlit faces from the 3 o’clock sun beaming with joy. The findings will spin them quick money. There will be an “Exclusive” expedition to the crash site for the adventurers with pockets deeper than their curiosity.

The group of 10 that signed up for the expedition comprised nationals from Singapore, China, Thailand and the United Kingdom. After 16 hours off the beaten track, the two 4WDs brought the group of 10 into one of the deepest parts of the tropical jungle. Without a flicker of sunlight at 15:00 hour, the group soon found that they were lost.

As usual the blame game started. Tension and conflicting suggestions tore the group into 3. They would each find their own way. In the next 144 hours, what mystery awaits them in the jungle? Can they find their way to the crash site?


Function NFT

- Can use to exchange a collaborative photo shoot with one of any actor in the C144 Human x Nature movie.

- Can use to exchange rewards for our incoming movies/films.

- Can use to exchange an extra slot in our further movies/films.

- Can use for collection/series rewards exchange in the further.

  • How to get your C144 NFT
    Register as member & purchase C144 movie at, after that send us your member id to will do.
  • What so special about C144 NFT?
    All C144 NFT is for free collection, meticulously creative.
  • How many NFT masks are there?
    There are only 1000units C144 NFT marks to be minted, which are extremely limited.
  • Digital Wallet
    To use C144 NFT, you need a digital wallet. We only support Nami digital wallet at the moment for the best C144 NFT experience. We will giving C144 NFT as a gift throught wetransfer for thoes who follow the T&C apply. Note: Digital wallet acts like a bank account — treat it with respect and make sure you don’t forget your password or lose your recovery kit. Download the Extension or Click on Nami Wallet Extension. Click on Create New Wallet. Store the Seed Phrases. (make sure you don't lose it) Enter the Correct Seed Phrases. Create Account by Entering Account Name and Password.
  • Cardano, a digital currency
    C144 cyptro are using Cardano as our NFT transfer tools. Cardano is a blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibility for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change.
  • Can I transfer/sale my C144 NFT to my family or friends?
    Yes! You can send it to anyone who has a digital wallet. Use the ‘Gift’ button in your wallet, input the recipient’s public address (e.g. 0xaba935f589805095a892ecefdb6eb83eff45d679). Transfer/sale costs only with a small transaction fee.
  • How do I contact the C144 NFT team?
    You can contact us at Please include any relevant photo, video or transaction hashes so we can support you as quickly as possible.
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