University & College Facilitation - Producer's Workshop

Clazroom College

Why Filmmaking is Important!

Young Producers Development Program

We thank the 100 students from Clazroom for their participation.

Documentary Short

#KasihKeluarga Lebaran 2019

Client: Wah Chan Gold & Jewellery

2019 Raya Video

Cuba habiskan video ini untuk dapat tahu lebih sikit lagi pasal @sitinordiana 😎😘

C144 Human/Nature

Behind The Scene

Format: Feature Film

Genre: Thriller, Adventure, Reality

“C144 – Human/Nature” Movie Synopsis: Jason & Kamal discovered the news on the recovery of a WW2 aircraft C-47B that crashed in Malaysia during 1945, both decided that they should use this as a gimmick to promote an “Exclusive” expedition trip to sight the crash site to the high spender’s international tourist, tourist from China, Thailand and the Western country signed up for it, while they depart from the city happily and onto the expedition, their inexperience of the wild causes the group of 10 lost in the jungle for 144hours.

Open Cast Audition

Sponsor by Canon Malaysia

C144 Movie

In association with Jaya Shopping Centre

253 candidates line up for this tryout, Malaysia got Talentsss!

Focus Group Outreach

Production Quality Survey

Format: Feature Film

Genre: Thriller, Adventure, Reality

To ensure we know how the public feel before the movie is finalize

Hollywood Tribute & Belt & Road TV Film Global Union

Recognition & Endorsement MOU

Malaysia Leading Producer Recognition

Redboy reprensenting Malaysia as the hub of South East Asia Hollywood and China Filmmaker

LOCALLY-MADE films and television programmes will increasingly be viewed by worldwide audiences soon, now that an international conglomerate has established itself in Kuala Lumpur.

#OMG One Mad Godmother

Media Announcement

Format: Feature Film

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

A comedy drama film inspired by true events, #OMG (One Mad Godmother)  is about “GODMOT” struggling to find balance in life and happiness. Torn between western and asian, cultures and practices, GODMOT faces problems fulfilling society expectations.  Her life is one that only few can understand.  Her fierceness and stubbornness is unbelievable, but she lives it against all odds.

12 Ghost Fingers 12根鬼手指

Behind The Scene

Format: Feature Film

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Horror

12根鬼手指 12 Fingers is 1 of the micro story from a series of fantasy novels written by Malaysian author Lee; 李恒义, the story is written based on the horror lurking and terrorizing a high school in a rural part of Malaysia. "Twelve Ghost Fingers" is Li Hengyi’s work of fame, a popular campus thriller novel with one of the most highly rated sales record of more than twenty thousand copies sold upon its day-one release.  To this date, it is the most sought after and talked about thriller novel within Malaysian Chinese campus communities.

Babe Goes Xtreme

Web Series

Format: Unscrpited

Genre: Adventure, Fun, Extreme Sports

Synopsis: “Babes” in urban definition means Girls who are easy on the eyes, smart, talented, good looking and sexy. This series featuring the “Babes” L'oreal Mok leave her ordinary comfy life to takes on the action of extreme sport (20 days nonstop challenge) soon discover in order to succeed all obstacle, determination is the key.



Jobscope: Co Produce, PR and Marketing Services

Client: SKT Media & 1 Man Production

Movie Sypnopsis: Shake is an aspiring musician who goes to Kuala Lumpur to chase after his dream and establish himself as a rock star. He meets Bromo, who is also an aspiring musician, and they both work together towards their dreams. However, due to the intervention from the gangsters in Kuala Lumpur, who are determined to control the music distribution trade with music piracy and eliminate any remaining opposition from rockers, Shake and Bromo have to fight back to secure their dreams of thriving in the rock music industry. 

Reaksi Penonton Filem DAMPAK


Running Time: 1:37 min

Client: OPS Pictures Sdn Bhd

Dampak mengisahkan misi lima beradik cuba membalas dendam atas kematian bapa mereka tetapi diduga dengan pelbagai halangan yang akhirnya membongkor misteri yang wujud dalam keluarga mereka sendiri.

Steven Goh, Discover Today's Macau

Web Series

Running time: 8 mins/part x 4

Client: Macau Government Tourist Office

Steven Goh Discover Today's Macau! 

The video showcases the attractions of Macau, and what a celebrity photographer can do in Macau; from enjoying gourmet, adventure activity to sight-seeing. 


Fly me to Macau - Footprint of Intan Ladyana Macau 48 hours

Web Series

Jobscope: Campaign & content producer

Client: Macau Government Tourist Office

A campaign to engage and lure urban Malay audience to participate in winning a trip to Macau with a local celebrity - Intan Ladyana.

Fly me to Macau

Outreach & Activation

Jobscope: Campaign producer

Client: Macau Government Tourist Office

A campaign to engage and lure urban Malay audience to participate in winning a trip to Macau with a local celebrity.

YouTube: How to Broadcast Yourself?


Jobscope: Trainer cum workshop planner and promoter

Client: mApp Multimedia & ACA Pacific Technology, Cyberview & Technology Park Malaysia

Johan Ooi from HeppiFace, Millan Lee from mApp Multimedia Sdn. Bhd. and Aaron Lim from Thinker Worldwide on new media of marketing: Facebook, WeChat and Youtube.

mApp Multimedia WeChat Micro Application MOU in News On 2

Press Release

Jobscope: Media Relations & Press coference

Client: mApp Multimedia sdn bhd

mApp Multimedia committed to the development and operation of ecommerce industry. We performed one-stop of ecommerce service to the traditional brand of enterprise by using online shops hosting and ecommerce training services.

mApp Multimedia & Yuker Hang Zhou Press Conference

Press Conference

Jobscope: Marketing Strategy and Media Relation

Client: mApp Multimedia

mApp Multimedia is an authorized WeChat contracted APP developer’s (Hang Zhou Yuker Web-Technologies, China) here in Malaysia. We are driven by simple goal: Deliver high quality of software to our clients, and ensure projects operate smoothly, strategically, and predictably on WeChat platform.

International Motorcycle Festival (Malaysia) 2014


Client: International Motorcycle Festival

Jobscope: Media relation, marketing strategy, strategic alliances and event promotion

The Biggest Motorcycle Festival in Asia coming this 19 - 21 December 2014, 10am - 10 pm at Bukit Jalil Open Car Park. See you there! #IMF2014 International Motorcycle Festival (Malaysia) 2014. — at Bukit Jalil Open Car Park.

CarsBikesTrucks - NST online

Press Conference

Jobscope: Media Relations & Press Conference

Client: International Motorcycle Festival

The first of its kind International Motorcycle Festival (IMF) 2014 has officially launched at a press conference held at Hard Rock Café in Kuala Lumpur. 

Model and Actor, Steve Yap "Ride Right" for International Motorcycle Festival (Malaysia) 2014

Spoke Person

Jobscope: Strategic Marketing

Client: International Motorcycle Festival

Join Steve Yap to "Ride Right" for the Biggest Motorcycle Festival in Asia - International Motorcycle Festival (Malaysia) 2014 this 19th - 21st December 2014 at Bukit Jalil Open Car Park, See you there! — with Steve Yap.

Ilia & the Dr. Shah Stunt Motorsport for International Motorcycle Festival (Malaysia) 2014

Spoke Person

Jobscope: Strategic Marketing

Client: International Motorcycle Festival

Join them on their dare devil stunt action this 19 - 21 Dec 2014 at Bukit Jalil open carpark, from 10am - 10pm, See you there! 

All Media Black Tie Party

Media Relations

Jobscope: Media Gathering

Client: Thinker Worldwide

Media relation event for brand owners and media partners to build repo and networking for better working relationship in future.

MCCB X IMF "Ride Right" Convoy Full Video

Outreach & Activation

Running Time: 4:15 min

Client: International Motorcycle Festival '14

International Motorcycle Festival (IMF) is initiated to be an important major festival tag lined “All About Two Wheels” for bikers in Malaysia and all around the region. First of its kind, the International Motorcycle Festival (Malaysia 2014) will continuously be an annual biker’s event held in Malaysia. 

JOVISA Eyelash Extension


Running time: 2 mins

Client: Taylor Tips Enterprise

JOVISA Eyelash Extension Brought to you by Taylor Tips Enterprise Taylor Tips Enterprise is one of the potential distributors of Nail Products, Eyelashes and beaty cosmectic.


The 1st 30 sec is for for GSC cinema use accross Malaysia.

Cash Converters

Corporate Video

Running time: 4:36 mins

Client: Cash Converters

Malaysia's favourite place to buy and sell and the world's largest second-hand dealer. Check out all the bargains at your nearest Cash Converters store, there are 8 stores around Malaysia.

Lady Gaga X Bauhaus Fashion Party


Jobscope: Strategic alliances and event

Client: Universal Music Malaysia, Bauhaus Fashion & Rootz @ Lot 10

Fashion party to showcase Tough Jeansmith x Lady Gaga "Born This Way" album launch in Rootz KL @ Lot 10

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